Bark N Bridle
Phone: 239-728-5445

Carolyn A. Muzzey
21930 N. River Rd.
Alva, FL 33920
(239)728-5445 or (239)634-9508


Large Animals: Starting at $20 to $30 per visit for large animals which includes feeding, watering, turnouts/brought in, fly spray and pet checks. 

This also includes residential small animals. Maximum of 6 large animals. 
Home check included.

Clean Stall : $5 per stall per day.

Staying for/with Vet/Farrier: $15 per hour
Residential Small Animals: Starting at $17 to $25. Dependant on location and number of pets. This is for a minimum of 25 minutes for walking or yard play. 

Additional Play Time : $5 per 15 minutes

Taking Dog/Cat to Vet/Groom: $20 per hour. Includes travel time that starts when pet is picked up. Will be broken down to 15 minute increments. Please have payment for services arranged beforehand. 

Home Check: $14 per visit. Pick up mail/newspaper, light adjustments and plants watered. Home checks are included with large/small animal care if desired. 
No charge for cancellations